Quick Update: June 2013

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The Official Global Goebel Beach in Barbados

I declare this beach to be MINE!

Greetings global gawkers,

I’d like to apologize for the lack of blog updates lately.  I had been toying for a while with the idea of making the jump from Blogspot/Blogger to WordPress and finally made that leap.  The only problem has been that the transition has been more time-consuming than I had originally envisioned.  I realize that there are still some tweaks to be made, but I hope you like the direction of the new design so far.  And hopefully, I’ll have some new blog posts online soon.

In more exciting travel-related news, I just returned from an amazing trip to Barbados and Dominica (which is NOT to be confused with the Dominican Republic).  I have ideas for at least 2 or 3 blog posts from that trip, as well as plenty of photos of beautiful beaches, amazing waterfalls, and a boiling lake.  I also did some experimenting with time-lapse photography, but am still trying to figure out the best way to present the videos.

Speaking of photos, I’m also working at finishing up getting the last of my photos from Tanzania online.  Maybe I need to take a vacation from my vacations to catch up on all the photos and blog posts (haha).

Looking ahead, I can’t wait to join some old friends in Chicago next month for a Pearl Jam concert at Wrigley Field.  It will be my 53rd Pearl Jam concert and almost guaranteed to be an awesome weekend in the Windy City.  Before and/or after the Chicago trip, I’m hoping to head back to Europe.  It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since I actually traveled in Europe (not counting a 2006 trip to Scotland for work).  I won’t have a whole lot of time on this trip, but hoping to at least check out Berlin and Prague.

Beyond that, I have several trip ideas in my head.  This September/October, I’m leaning towards heading to Tuvalu, which has been on my bucket list pretty much since I started traveling.  Besides Easter Island, I’ve never been to any of the Pacific island nations.  It may be one of the few regions of the world in which I’ve yet to set foot.  Other trip possibilities for later this year include:

  • Japan
  • Morocco and Western Sahara
  • Israel and the Palestinian Territories
  • Yemen
  • East Timor
  • Mount Rinjani in Indonesia
  • Sudan
  • Ethiopia, Djibouti, and/or Somaliland
  • the Balkan countries

Of course, my mind changes a lot, so don’t be surprised when I end up in some other part of the world not listed there.

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Globally yours,

-Ryan (aka, Global Goebel)

@Trafalgar Falls, Dominica


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Ryan Goebel normally works as an engineer in the offshore oil and gas industry, but travels around the world in his time off. Although he is a pseudo-nomad, St. Rose (Illinois, USA) and Jakarta (Indonesia) are the locales where you can find him most often.

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  1. Ethiopia’s great! Don’t miss out on Danakil Depression. Your itinerary sounds fun, the Balkans is one of those areas I’d love to explore soon.

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