Should You Start With Adsense Or Affiliate Marketing

If you are looking to start up on your own and are considering opportunities online, this thought must have definitely crossed your mind “Should I start with Adsense or Affiliate Marketing?”

This is a very common confusion most people have since both these options have some similarities in their working model.

However, the differences between them are huge and a mistake in choosing the right option can leave you with a ‘not so successful’ attempt.

Both Adsense and Affiliate marketing have their own pros and cons but Affiliate marketing has proved to be a more successful and commercially viable approach.

A comparison between the two will help you understand this better.

Which makes more money?

Since money making is the key objective, let’s address this first. Adsense pays you 68% of click cost for each click.

However, the click costs are generally very low and hence you make substantial revenue only if you have a very high click rate.

Affiliate marketing on the other hand pays a commission varying anywhere from 2% to 50% of the sale value.

Hence by choosing the products you wish to sell strategically, you can easily make good money.

But is is best to go top affiliate programs so as to maximize your time and effort, simply because they offer the most payout for your results.

Easy to begin?

Adsense requires Google’s approval which is not very easy to get.

Affiliate marketing on the other hand requires you to join through an affiliate program which is quite easy since there are many affiliate product sources in the market.

Effort required?

Affiliate marketing requires more effort than Adsense because you are involved in selling the product.

It requires you product reviews and descriptions and to maximize sales, you can also start creating your own email lists comprising of existing and potential customers who review your recommendations and trust your advice.

All this however requires considerable amount of effort and pays well in return.

Adsense only requires you to position the ads on your website and they Google takes care of automating them based on your website content.

Hence Adsense is a low effort, low gain strategy.

Control over your products?

Affiliate marketing lets you choose what kind of products you wish to publicize and sell.

You can choose products of your interest and write about them which helps you create a niche blog or website.

In Adsense the products being displayed are controlled by Google.

Though Google customizes the ads based on the content of your website, you cannot however control it.

Short term vs Long term gains:

Affiliate marketing is a method that can fetch you long term benefits. The revenue model is such that it can be scaled up to generate sustainable long term profits.

The email lists, personal contacts and followers of your niche blog can work generate continued revenues and help expand your business.

Adsense provides easy, short-term benefits but there is no planned expansion possible.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to get started on their own for those who are serious about creating a long term sustainable revenue model and are prepared to put efforts to do it.

An initiative that can be started with very low cost, affiliate marketing surely provides better returns than Adsense.

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